four years of college life, so that their knowledge level, ideological level,hogan outlet, the ability to work and so on. in life, my greatest feature is honest and trustworthy, enthusiastic people, the courage to challenge themselves, the concept of time is strong,hogan outlet, have a good living habits and decent style. I advocate simple life. Treat people friendly and approachable, it has been getting along with others is very harmonious. Dare to struggle, hardworking will be accompanied by me to meet the new challenges in the future. in the study, I love their professional, but also the use of spare time to learn the knowledge of international trade, so that I can on economic and trade and business management expertise and principles from a certain understanding. In the professional knowledge of excellence, won the "Miyoshi students, the honorary title of", in professional learning and sports are obtained outstanding achievements. English,scarpe hogan outlet, Japanese, computer, Mandarin and other aspects of the grade test has been. As a student, I also pay attention to the social practice at the same time. In practice, the principle of the theory and practice, and strive to improve their practical ability. University four years,golden goose saldi, I have been in school work study program and help college teachers of the computer room management, improve the professional knowledge. And and classmates do & lt; 21 century English newspaper & gt; and according to the campus agent to improve the ability to work, and accumulated a lot of experience in the work. And, in the future work, can better will theory and actual unifies, establish win-win, empathy and communication, brainstorming good habits, I believe there will be greatly improved. university four years of my self identification book < p > at work, on the work of passion, bears the burden of responsibility, responsibility strong, with good organization and communication ability, and students together,hogan rebel outlet, pay attention to cooperate with other student cadres well done the work, team to promote the communication and cooperation, by the unanimous praise. < p > University campus life and social practice life, desire, the pursuit, there are successes and failures, I diligently, continue to challenge themselves, to correct the error, make up the insufficiency, to enrich themselves, for the realization of the value of life and lay a solid foundation. University four years of my book in the ideological and moral, good moral accomplishment, and have a strong political direction, I actively to the party organization, so I have a more profound understanding of our party. Actively participate in political study,pandora outlet online, concern about national affairs, to seriously study the important thought of Three Represents, support the party's policies and policies. < p > university four years is my life the most precious time. In this four years, I observe the school discipline school rules, respect teachers, unite classmates, politically progressive; clarify the learning purpose, attitude,hogan outlet online, studying professional knowledge. Study hard, good grades; the class work conscientiously, care for students, love the collective. Dedication, honest and trustworthy, enthusiastic people, the courage to challenge themselves. The problem is that the professional knowledge needs to be further improved,ray ban outlet, it should be more widely spread knowledge. In the future I must carry forward the spirit of overcoming the deficiencies, industriousness and stamina, working hard, and strive for greater progress. Related Articles: Thank you A summary Vigorously promote the truth-seeking and pragmatic spirit to firmly establish the Scientific Outlook City Animal Husbandry and Fishery Bureau under the guidance, set up on the market, circulation service under the Department of farming households, the service integration of production, supply and marketing to get all-round development, solve in aquaculture production is difficult to buy, selling difficult contradiction between supply and demand, enable breeding industrialization management to get considerable development.