second, when writing to think and write. very early to want to practice,hogan sito ufficiale, but there is no chance and time, the holidays are a bit lazy, do not want to come out, while the school time and did not have time, has been dragged to the present, did not go out to practice. College newspaper sports news practice summary the earliest to go to the latest. Rush in before the teacher to go and claim the newspapers of the day,goyard soldes, and then clean the sanitation of the office, and then have a look at the newspapers of the day,air max homme pas cher, look at and teachers together yesterday interviewing, editions on the same day the manuscript, see edit made what changes for not > first, do a good job interview plans and interview notes. < p > at the beginning of this stage, I think the most important is to learn interview skills and teachers understanding of news and views on sports events, to ask the teacher to ask questions, also have to listen to the views of their game, see they are reported from which aspects and angles, before the write to figure out what their the story theme is, only determine the theme, the straighten out the ideas, writing the manuscript will naturally very quickly and very smooth. < p > I am XX metropolitan sports training, a period of time after the Wenchuan earthquake,hogan sito ufficiale, sports news rarely, even sports, entertainment version of all the publication, in those days, I always blame you chose the wrong the Department, if the Department of social the, now in the affirmative will very busy, then with my teacher Liu is with me said: actually each department has its own advantages and disadvantages, although there are not a lot of sports news, but you can use this time read some books on sports, enrich yourself in this respect knowledge. In over a period of time is the European Cup, but you of the European Cup but don't know, just can take opportunities to swot up on the story,montres guess pas cher, at the appointed time selects will be comfortable. see other students have to go out to practice, and I feel a bit bad, I finally decided to come out in the summer internship, and contact a good place, just waiting for the arrival of the holiday university student newspaper sports news practice summary internship for a month, let a person feel both long and short, and the experience of the internship is both memorable and full. Looking back through the bit by bit,scarpe golden goose, let me experience the hard work as a journalist, but also let me have a new understanding of the news workers. Practice not only increased my social experience and broaden my social practice and also improve my news gathering and interviewing and writing ability. Here, I would like to talk about my internship experience and some of their own shortcomings. My experience: third, hard working. pre interview preparation and interview program is an important part of the interview before it can not be ignored. No matter what the reporter teacher, before the trip will by all means understanding of the interview object,ugg pas cher, only in this way and we interviewed will communicate more,scarpe hogan outlet, nor will it be possible to dig into exclusive and deeper coverage. If you do not understand the words, in an interview may be encountered unexpected difficulties. Related Articles: Summary of Village Pa For a start, the doctor let me go to the film, I thought what great event happened, actually let me go to the film, but there is no way, finally to shoot. There outside the room has an iron gate, went in, there is hot, I think it must be in order to prevent heat fled, and go into the room, the doctor let me take off your coat, standing in front of a machine, hands behind his back, suddenly, behind a bright light, a machines constantly close to me, so I startled, thought is to pinch me.