one, the importance of the village to change the work of village forest reform work summary report village to work is an important way to promote the development of cities and counties in the new era, is an important part of the city community construction, is to promote the coordinated development of the city's effective measures. Do a good job in the home to the village for further Shun Cheng county management system, implementation of territorial management system, enhancing the awareness of the residents of the county town,hogan outlet online, promote the city county basic level democratic political construction,hogan outlet, strengthen and consolidate city county political power at the grass-roots level,cheap pandora jewelry, promote the city county two civilization construction,montre guess pas cher, and ultimately I County construction overall goal, has the vital significance. County to build more than ten years, the city has only 4 neighborhood, the village changed jobs far behind the pace of construction of the city, and my county is not commensurate with the status of. At present, the city's 39 villages have been included in the overall planning of the county, which, some of the village has basically no arable land or less arable land, mainly engaged in the two or three industry,ray ban outlet, the conditions of the village to change the basic maturity. Therefore, it is necessary to size up the situation, pay close attention to home to the village work, continue to increase in the population of city county, expand the scale of city county, enhance the function of city county,wholesale mac cosmetics, completed five years to rebuild a new overall goal. 1, publicity launch phase (10 days). Layers of mobilization meeting. County the village held a change in the mobilization of the general assembly, who attended the meeting: County community construction coordination steering committee members of the unit primarily responsible for people, three streets,nike tn, director of the office, deputy secretary and deputy director, assistant district, land management, director of the Institute, jingguanzhan webmaster, diverted to the village of Ju Ren Wu Village (neighborhood) Party branch secretary, not coordinated steering committee member units of the city party and government organs, enterprises and institutions in charge of the person in charge. Main agenda: read County village to work to implement the program,hogan interactive outlet, the county leaders to mobilize speech. Subdistrict offices through held a mobilization meeting, village committee meeting, Party members meeting, on behalf of the villagers meeting, and the use of the blackboard newspaper, publicity columns, a variety of forms., wide publicity to the village work of UN reform of great significance, the ideological unity of all cadres and the masses to the government of county Party committee, county this strategic arrangements. The streets for a detailed investigation of the village, key > three, method step Summary report on the reform of village forest two, guiding ideology and mission objectives village to work in general is divided into four stages: < br / > the home to the village's guiding ideology is: to the spirit of the big party XX, Deng Xiaoping Theory and XXXX important thought as a guide, centering on the goal of my county modernization request, strictly according to the procedure well village to neighborhood, lay a good organizational foundation for the community construction of the county, to further improve the management level of city, county, and promote the process of county of city, promote the county economy and various social undertakings coordinated development. < p > the home to the village of mission objectives are: use of a month's time, will be three urban neighborhood offices under the jurisdiction within the Fourth Ring Road 39 village community neighborhood committee for the, then foreign trade group, Zhongfang Jinxu group, dragon market, Mizhou mall, Kowloon Trade City were set up five community neighborhood committees, the specific time from today start to the end of the end of June. Related Articles: Internship diary of college students _2 Thank you reception toast Returned home, the setting sun lazily slanting, generously to leaves inlaid on the circle in Phnom Penh, stretch freely with his gentle posture, in the yard, leave it beautiful face. Mother likes to drink tea, holding a cup of green tea watching TV. My father likes to drink coffee, holding a cup of coffee, Nestle, reading a newspaper; I like to drink soda, while playing, sucking cool sprite. Ah, 1+1=1, a family with a warm, is a warm.